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  1. Thanks mr sharpoblunto. WebUI worked from my other pc, but not from my palm. Then i realised that, in the webui, you can't use wildcards when allowind access from specific domains. Once i changed that, it worked fine. Thanks for the great app.
  2. Well, i know it's not a port forwarding problem, as i am trying to connect to my PC from within my lan. I am connecting to my network via the palm's WiFi. I really hope you can help me, this looks so promising.... i will set it up to use my external (ie, WAN) ip to see if that works. However, if there is a way around this, i would prefer that, as by using my wan ip i am using a portion of my download allowance, however small that may be. Unfortunately, i can't set it up at the moment, as i have exams... I will try as soon as i can. Thanks
  3. Hi. For some reason, the applet does not work on my Palm T|X. It runs, but i cannot connect to my pc. If it helps, im trying to connect to a local IP, instead of a domain. Any ideas? Thanks in advance