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  1. This build works perfectly for me!! As uT 1.8 was... As uT 2.0 was... And now UT 2.1 with Firon enabled and it works perfectly as always with uTorrent. I'm on Windows Vista Family Premium SP1 (32bits). Continue your hard work uTorrent developement team!
  2. rlmicrosa

    µTorrent WebUI

    Hi this version of the webui is not working on the iPod Touch I can see all icons and the same things as usuals but no torrents appears in the screen.. i've try the 0.361 version and it works well... I'm with uTorrent 2.0... Is it the reason why it's not working.
  3. Yeah i have exactly the same problem, i'm connected threw a Linksys router and i am on Windows Vista Ultimate Edition And like bugmenot any webpages refused to open, like a time-out error