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  1. Well this is embarrassing :/ - Thanks Rafi! I didn't even know that option existed. No idea how it came unticked????
  2. Which actual build? Because there has been quite a few available that have been masquerading as 30345 And; Do you have the "[ ] Use Label and Directory Rules" selected? I've just upgraded to build 30366 and the issue is still there. Use label and Directory Rules is not ticked.
  3. Not sure if this has been reported already, but a quick thread search didn't reveal a hit. uTorrent is no longer asking me where I want to save my downloads. It is defaulting to my Downloads directory, despite me not having this selected in the settings. Win 7 64 Bit and v3.4 latest build.
  4. Interesting. Does this happen only with single file torrents? Right click the torrent, and choose "Open containing folder". Let us know if it matches the folder your file is stored in. I'm not quite sure what you're asking me to do? I don't create a lot of Torrent files, but I have only ever done single torrent ones. If I open the torrent file with uTorrent after I've created it and perform a re-check, it seems to pass. The issue I face is that I have to upload the torrent file to the private site (TVTorrents) and then download it again with their tracker information embedded into it. Performing a re-check indicates that the file does not yet exist (despite me telling it to save in the same folder). One would think that the torrent file and my file don't match based on this, however it works perfectly in Vuze and has worked fine in earlier releases of uTorrent. I just performed another test and tried to download the torrent (with uTorrent) after successfully seeding it to completion on the site (with Vuze). This time round the re-check passed. That just has me totally confused! Seems to only fail when there are no other connectable seeders or leachers? I don't know enough about torrent files and tracker sites to speculate on what could cause this, but hopefully one of the devs can figure this out based on the behaviors I have described? Unfortunately the show I've been creating torrents for just aired its final episode for the season, so I won't be testing it again any time soon. Hopefully there will be others that experience similiar problems and can provide more feedback, which will help you get to the bottom of the issue.
  5. I rechecked right after creating a torrent against the original files' date=' and it passes fine. Is it a special-large file(s)? I suggest you do the same. Plus make sure the torrent you got from them is the exact same as you created.[/quote'] It's not especially large ~800MB file. The torrent file I get from the tracker site is identical. All it does is create its own unique tracker list and identifiers (as private tracker sites usually do). This has occurred on two occasions now and I've been able to resolve it in both cases by opening the torrent file with Vuze instead (so the torrent file definitely DOES match the original). I should reiterate that this always worked fine on previous builds, so it is definitely a relatively new issue! I may end up rolling back to 3.1 if this issue keeps up, as I remember it working fine with those builds.
  6. Not sure if this problem has been raised, but I've been having issues on the latest builds with the Force Re-check function not working on Torrent files I have created. For example, If I download a File and then create a Torrent from it and upload it to a private tracker torrent site, when they give me the download link for the uploaded torrent and I try to re-check it against my original file, the re-check fails and shows that none of the file has been downloaded. I'm not sure exactly in what build this problem started, but I wasn't having it a couple of weeks ago. I'm currently running 3.2 Build 27430 (latest). I've been using Vuze to get around the issue in the mean time. There definitely appears to be a problem though!