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  1. Yes, its on. If you google "my specific issue" you'll find many few dozens with the same problems. BTW this is an almost thousand replies topic, and mostly not praising. And best wishes for you too. Back then I searched and found utorrent. Now its time to move on. I've tried many clients the last few days and I can download files with all of them. I have problems of not liking the interface and stuff like that. But they are all working (except of course the "purple utorrent"). So much for the my end theory...
  2. Yes I've tried, that and many others. With yours I only got 3kbps downloads, just as with disk overload (it won't show that the disk is overloaded, though). I used the same time tixati that worked half the bandwidth I have. (yes I've tried with only utorrent downloading). Its more than half a year that I play the "try the next one"-game. If there weren't magnet links, I would never have changed to utorrent 3... That's when the whole Walk to Canossa began... But thank you for the help.
  3. This one post wonder uses utorrent for years... I was looking for solutions all over the net, here in this forum too, but for no avail. This goes on for months now. The same problem, as I sketched in my lost post..., and new versions come and go, but the same bugs stay. With 3.2 I can't even download anything... "I download a file - disk overload. If I set the cache to 1700 MB it works, but the flushing never ends. Either freezes (disk overload). or if I turn off the program I lose the data in the cache and it starts over from an earlier point... A Neverending Story." Quote from the deleted reply. BTW I use win7 64 bit, but I think you know that this problem exist, because there are hundreds of post with the same bug, same config... One post or not, I don't think censorship is the answer (and a cheeky one at that) for a not-working application...
  4. Its strange, my last message was deleted (censored, maybe). I'm sorry for not praising a program thats not working...