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  1. fidodido

    µTorrent WebUI

    Works fine for me on Google Chrome 26.0.1410.64 m
  2. fidodido

    µTorrent WebUI

    Didn't quite understand the suggestion.
  3. Will this version have the 'Directory to download based on Label' ?
  4. fidodido

    µTorrent WebUI

    It working perfectly with uTorrent 3.3. So I guess theres nothing to tweak. What makes you ask the question if its cancelled?
  5. Yes - don't worry' date=' this is just temporary. We're excited about this feature, but it is not usable enough yet (mostly UI changes)[/quote'] Really looking forward to this. Thanks for responding.
  6. The "Label" directing the torrent to download in the Specified directory feature isn't there?
  7. Search feature for seeding torrents....w00t!
  8. fidodido

    µTorrent WebUI

    Oh okay. Thanks for caring to reply mate. Cheers! Edit: Found that damm option.
  9. fidodido

    µTorrent WebUI

    I know its not supported mate but I was asking about a functionality that was working till a while ago and it doesn't now without doing any updates. So was wondering if you or someone else can guide on the options to set number of torrents I can view per page in the WebUI.
  10. fidodido

    µTorrent WebUI

    There was this option to set the number of torrents I can view per page. I think it was set to 20 by default and inturn that would bring up the search function. Strangely from today all the torrents are been shown together as opposed to being pagewise and I can't seem to find that option to set number of torrents per page. Any help ? Using WebUI v0.387 with uTorrent 2.0.4 Build 22150