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  1. Kitsoran, it might at least even it out a little!! Something besides great big Asian boobs. My luck they'd just put Asian men with big boobs! LOL
  2. I understand the need for ads. No problem. I just hope they're not going to be more sex ads like download sites. Definitely NOT kid friendly. You men out there should be insulted. As they say nothing in this world is free. A few ads is a small price to pay for all that you get. Suck it up folks, everyone has to pay the bills.
  3. Question for all the torrent wiz kids out there. I tried to download a movie with no seeds. It wouldn't download. Curious, how does a movie become downloadable if it starts out with no seeds? Was it just that particular movie or what?? Also I didn't know deleting files to store my download in folder erased my seeding ability. Will this affect me big time with u torrent? Yes, I feel like a real creep. Total newbie!