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  1. If what Torrentfreak.com listed is true with your annual income and you want to make this ad supported using the excuse of "keeping the lights on" i can't help but end up saying - Huh ? Your premium version pays for your lights. Considering the wide variety of available client software out there and still being made for both windows and linux users i'm amazed uTorrent would get so greedy that they'd use a tactical move like this. This is something the telecom industry would do to milk their customers. Now uTorrent is turning the page to this in it's future? I am not a premium subscriber, but i've been a loyal uTorrent user since the very beginning. Mac, Windows and Ubuntu. I will absolutely stop using it as well if this goes forward. You say you listen to your userbase well start listening. uTorrent was successful because it was not bloated (that's out the window), It was a no bs software (That's out the window) and like google as an example became famous because of their simplistic search engine. Now uTorrent gets greedy, see's dollar signs because of it's monopolistic user share and thinks of shoving ads without an option to turn off down their loyal users throats. It really is true that you cannot trust any business. The fact that you rake it the money you do for a single piece of software that was created years ago you should be happy, but you want more. This software isn't intense enough, advanced enough to warrant the greed. It's not an operating system, it's a very basic, ad free, non bloated piece of software (or it once was) uTorrent staff, admin, owners - Making this change is the wrong move. Your premium service is/was the right move to keep your lights on. You currently also earn extra off your toolbar of which i find a crappy way to invade a consumers browser. Ad revenue inside the software is only adding fuel to the fire. I'll also stick to 2.2.1 until it stops working at any time and move to an alternative software if this happens. It's so funny these days if you really think about it. Greed really is the #1 way of people these days. uTorrent earned it's fame from simplicity and look at it now as it's massively bloated compared to 2006. Notice how google still looks the same? That's because it works.