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  1. It sounds to me like this change will make you hugely profitable compared to what you are now. In principle I'm all for this, and wish you all the luck in the world. But what would encourage me, and make me more than willing to put up with any amount of ads, and even potentially go out of my way to promote you to friends etc., is if you made it clear that you would use these new profits to support the bittorrent community, and pro-openness/piracy movements generally. I think we need a company with some clout, that is willing to use that clout to improve matters for bittorrent users, and people who run trackers etc. It seem to me anti-piracy groups are really working hard to tighten the screws on filesharing and piracy, and there's a lot of basically harmless people out there getting screwed over at the moment (Richard O'Dwyer in the UK being the prime example). There's nodoubt more to come in the near future. What I would love to hear from you is that you will make use of your new proffits to promote and support bittorrent trackers, and pro-piracy groups, and maybe if things go really well, getting involved in lobbying for legal changes. All of this would be in your company's long term interests after all, and the world just might become a better place as a result. If you wish to become a hugely profitable company just so you and your shareholders can have more money, then I dont really care too much whether you succeed,and I'll have no qualms about bypassing any ads you choose to show me.