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  1. I can tell you exactly what to say. Here goes: "We here at uTorrent have pulled our heads out of our asses and realized no one wants ads in their torrent client. We have scraped that plan and uTorrent will stay ad free and we will get back to our original goal of a light weight torrent client. Have an awesome day!" Easy as that man.
  2. Lol, typical company reply. We listen to you guys! No really! You are going to love the ads! No popups! The one and only thing you guys can do to save utorrent at this moment is to back track as hard and quickly as possible though its probably too late. You have shown your hand.
  3. ATTENTION UTORRENT DEVS: People who steal stuff are not going to click on ads to buy stuff in the client they use to steal stuff. Yours Truly, A smart person.
  4. Well it was a good run utorrent! You were great until a short time ago. Now you are just turning into a bloated mess like all the others. Who ever the genius was to think including ads in your pretty gui would be a good idea should be gently hung with barbed wire. Have a nice demise! http://www.reddit.com/r/technology/comments/y39vb/utorrent_becomes_adsupported_to_rake_in_millions/