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  1. clearly, you have mistaken the generally-positive reinforcement from your forum members as an indicator of the wishes of the entirety of your userbase. you have to be absolutely blind to not realize that a huge chunk of your users loathe the 3.x series, as-is, and that this change will only further cement the idea in their heads that "the current dev team has been ruining uT ever since they took over." it's hilarious to think that you should be well-paid for working on a project that, in a VAST majority of cases, is used to outright steal products. yes, you can argue "WoW uses torrent technology" or "Linux distros are freely shareable", but it doesn't take a genius to realize that those are two amazingly small chunks of the torrent-using community. i have no problem with wanting to make money, but maybe you should try doing it with a project that isn't used to swindle every other music, movie and software producer out of their own income? if you don't mind pissing off the hardcore community that is responsible for your success in the first place, that's fine... but don't be surprised when people start flocking to other clients like qbittorrent, tixati or even the older 2.2.1 builds. speaking of 2.2.1, i have some downloads to queue up. adios.