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  1. I signed up just to say - I will never upgrade your software to the ad-support version. I liked the sub-1meg torrent client that opened instantly, did what I wanted, and let me walk away. This 3.0 garbage with ratings, searching, news and now ADS can kiss my ass. Most people who torrent want nothing to do with a paid or ad supported option. These are the people using noscript and adblock in an incognito window to browse websites to stay anonymous. We don't want your shoddy 3rd party ad server to push bandwidth on us for ads that get to log our IP. Fuck. That. Here is the bottom line - people can use your old version without being cut off - unlike facebook and timeline shit. We can just not download this ad version, as many people are already talking about, and you spent your time for nothing. I have already told everyone i know to leave 3.0 alone, and now this is the best reason to fight my battle - you guys want to rake in fast cash because you got tired of not being instantly rich. Sell-outs are hated, not revered. Your new cost option will be the death of you. Ask the frog.