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  1. I absolutely loved uTorrent up to version 2.0.4. After that, things started to go down hill. The addition of apps/extension is a neat idea; however, I have absolutely no use or desire for them. For a web browser, they make sense. For an application designed to just run in the background, they don't offer any advantage. Thankfully, 2.2.x allowed you to hide the apps panel, which made this less of an issue. Since then, what has been added? A featured content section with a giant arrow pointing at it, a transcoder, social functions (ratings and comments on torrents), and a few other things including ads in the setup wizard. Not to mention a "Plus" version, which just tacks on a bunch of other things I have no use for and frankly hate. Now you are adding ads to the UI. I don't really see any appeal in the current or next version of uTorrent. If you want to get money out of me, and restore faith in your product, release a "lite" version of uTorrent. Hell, I would gladly pay the "Pro" price for it. Strip out the apps, ads, social functions, all the "Plus" features, transcoder, setup wizards ads, and so one and you've sold me. All I want from uTorrent is what is was originally designed to be, a minimalist and no-nonsense client. Just a basic downloader with no bloat.