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  1. Have you considered getting day jobs? Or are the developers behind uTorrent like the majority of the worlds population that would rather not work, and just make "easy money" .. Best of luck with that.. I was a hardcore uTorrent user. When friends/family asked which Torrent Client I recommended, it was always uTorrent.. Well not anymore thats for sure. I can not stand software (free or not) that forces ads on its users. Now if your uTorrent Plus was worth the $25 value you placed on it then I would go for it.. But there is not a single feature that is worth that price. Virus Protection? Sorry, but thats what I have Norton360 for. Media Player? Thats what VLC is for.. Converter? MediaCoder, does that pretty well, and is Free.. Remote? Sorry, but whats the point of that? If you need access to file remotely, There are such better ways to do it.. And who leave downloaded files in the same folder they were downloaded too? All my movies get moved to external drives, same with music (which external drive are attached to a Linux Server). Games are usually burnt to disc and iso deleted... Anyways, your PLUS has no value, well at least not a $25 one. I will be searching for a alternative, and will suggest to family and friends to do the same. There is no way I'm using software with forced ads, or "Suggested" Downloads. I download what I want, not what you feel you need to suggest.
  2. Insulted by why? Sex Ads? Sex is a part of human nature.. It what we were essential born to do. If you are insulted or bothered by sex ads, perhaps you should Grow Up.. Now I don't like seeing sex ads either, but not because of what they relate to, just because I don't like seeing ads period. Ads do not make my buy things, or click somewhere..