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  1. I don't personally mind ads and quite frankly if you have been using the internet for more than 2-3 days and haven't yet learned to ignore advertisements, then I feel really sorry for you. I also have no idea how you function on the web as ads show up pretty much everywhere on the internet; it's how things get paid for. Creating software is not free nor is it easy. Creating good software is even less free and more difficult. Someone at some point is going to need to pay for the infrastructure and resources necessary to produce and support a fantastic product such as uTorrent. At some point those people are going to want some sort of return on all that money that's being pumped in. Not just the money they put in, but an actual gain on that money. This is how the world works. I also wonder who's actually spending enough time inside their torrent client to even see ads for more than half a second? I used to keep my uTorrent (need my bandwidth back so I turned it off) on 24/7 and I maybe looked at it like 2 times a week. I fail to see how this would actually impact anyone other than offending people's misplaced sense of entitlement and maybe adding a few MB of bandwidth usage a month.