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  1. Thanks for the reply. Still cant get this to work Im not sure what Im doing wrong. All ports are open, ip addy is right. I just dont know anymore.... I wrote HERE what my issues where.....
  2. stupid question(s).....but how do I actually use this?. Do i use this instead of utorrent when wanting to connect remotely to another machine?. (cause the browser way doesn't seem to work for me). Would private sites see this as utorrent?. Or do both need to be running?. What ip address do i put in the settings?. The one im connecting with or the one hosting uremote?. Thanks.
  3. Hey all, I signed up to make this post I'm on rogers extreme and I used to get throttled all the time until....I found out they use port 1720 for their VOIP, and now no problems at all. Hope this helps Edit: I do still have a issue w/ rogers though. Its difficult to activate the .torrent itsefl. Pisexy.org has ".pimpie" extentions, wich works great. Only a select few sites give me this issue, ie: demonid, ScT and TorrentIt. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated