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  1. Why is moving your torrenting folders such a pain in the neck? First you have to "Right click -> Advanced -> Set Download Location" for each individual torrent. Why? Why not do it as a batch? ... but the torrent files were moved as well. So now every torrent is displaying: "Error: Can't open .torrent file" I did change the folder for torrent files when I moved the torrents, but it still wants the old path. Even if I update the torrent under advanced and it tells me it's the same torrent, it isn't figuring it out. What was the point of moving the torrent contents with µtorrent if I have to remove/add each torrent again anyways? When I hover over the torrent list in the program it is giving me the old path. Is there a script I can run that'll make the torrents listed in my program look for the torrent in the new path? In the future µtorrent should really strive to make this process easier. I've seen other people complain about it, but to be honest, it's worse than I thought. UPDATE: I found "resume.dat" and replaced the old path with the new one for all instances. Now it is willing to check each torrent when I start them. Still annoying, but better than being stuck.
  2. Hello, I just got a server that'll be running all the torrents I currently have on my desktop. How do I transfer all of them to the server with the least amount of hassle? I do have all the .torrent files in a folder. Getting all the files over there is no issue, I'm more concerned with getting them into the µtorrent application on the new server.