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  12. µTorrent 3.1 Release Candidate 11

    Hello. 3 questions about that: 1/ How will the users be able to edit hundred resume.dat files if they need to migrate %appdata%\utorrent to another computer or change the drive letter which has changed? (it's a frequent question on the board) Will they have to edit 200 or 300 files with BEncode Editor? We need an en-masse editor of resume.dat folder. 2/ What about the perfs? Are you sure saving the torrent list into hundred files doesn't imply a disk fragmentation that will slow the application during starting/deleting a batch of torrents? 3/ Honestly, why do you not use a SQLite database file as Firefox does to store its history, cookies, bookmarks etc? Firefox is able to manage a single SQLite file with a size of 40 or 70 MB.
  13. µTorrent 3.0 (32-bit) Stable Release

    µT is not faulty. See And post HIjackthis log, but not into the main thread about µT 3.0, use the link I gave.
  14. µTorrent 3.0 (32-bit) Stable Release

    Auto-update is enabled only after few days/weeks after a new release (to fix remaining bugs). Explained many times.
  15. Read the 1st post, it's explained: So ask tracker teams to allow this client.