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  1. Thanks, I was hoping the .old files, as they were only a few minutes 'older' than the 'live' one I deleted would work. I doubt there would have been any changes to the queue in that time, possibly adding a torrent or two, maybe deleting one. I've made the decision to start from scratch, which was no easy decision as there were 4,300+ torrents in the queue as I keep many private torrent files 'live' although not all seeding of course so I can respond to reseed requests. That's not a huge issue apart from the time it will take to re-add the torrent (as stopped), set all contents to download, do a forced recheck, set all those at 0% to [Don't download] and restart (many torrents I have only partially downloaded, i.e. certain episodes). A lot of those 4,300+ were also only partially downloaded or 'stalled' which I found would often complete over time (have had some 'come back' for over many months). Realistically there is no way I am going to get those 4,300 back, looking just at private tracker downloads I want to keep seeding we are talking may 600-800 which I'll do over the coming weeks. There's maybe a couple of hundred more that I'd also want to re-instate. In trying to 'carry on' whilst leaving utorrent install untouched I moved to my win7 laptop, sadly 2.2.1 would not allow me to connect to my most used site (tvchoas) so ended up trying a few alternatives, qBitorrent, Vuze, BiglyBt but none give me the flexibility of utorrent so I'm going to continue with 2.2.1 whilst maybe looking into the latest utorrent. I did have many reasons for staying with 2.2.1 in the past but not sure of the current situation). So, saying that, I'm keen to understand the backup options in 2.2.1 Firstly, mental note, don't delete the /utorrent folder again (99% of it was old, no longer active .torrent files, didn't see the .dat's) BUT, should I get some corruption of the settings or resume.dat files, how useful are the .old files? is it possible to use them to get back to an 'earlier' state EVEN IF one or two of the torrents that were in that queue are not there anymore? Just to 're-ask' a question from before, does the RESUME.DAT file contain ALL the torrent queue information, ALL the entries, all the status's, all the individual files states (high, normal, skip etc.) ? I did once have a problem after a crash that all the 'skipped' files in a WIP torrent were reset to normal, would that likely to have been a resume.dat corruption? Many thanks, sadly I've a huge job to get back to a reasonable state but I appreciate all the help given.
  2. Thanks, as I mentioned, I did recover that folder in it's entirety. It did appear that settings.dat wasn't read (no errors) but did give me an error saying that resume.dat was corrupt. I did have a number of (very) recent resume.dat's so renamed a couple of those after having amended the settings to match the changes I had made before (essentially just file locations). These renamed resume.dat's didn't give any errors BUT there was nothing in the queue. I'm therefore wondering if there is more to it and I'm missing something? Does resume.dat really store ALL the queue data and individual torrents status'? Does it reference any other data, anywhere else? Reason for asking is that I've tried at least 3 resume.dat.old files, all of which are VERY recent and none seem to restore the queue OR give any errors? Thanks
  3. I havent totally given up and really hope someone can provide that missing bit of info that may allow me to get my queue back. It was massive as I'm a diligent seeder for a number of sites and keep 100s of torrent live but stopped in case of requests. Many of those are 'partials' where I didn't need all the files in the torrent. I also had loads that had stalled part way through but often complete over time. It would be a massive task to try and get anywhere near recreating this BUT I have all the .torrent files, I have all the torrent folders with files, part files, torrent.dat files IF I can't recover this situation, what would be the quickest way to get at least a chunk of this back, at least some of the more important/recent stuff? I'm thinking : 1) load some of the .torrent files back in 2) do a Force recheck 3) adjust accordingly I think 1) may be possible using an AUTOLOAD folder. The one with my .torrent files in it is over 8,000 files, there's no way I had 8,000 torrents in the queue and can see 100's that are old/archived data and deleted, I do normally "delete .torrent and data" so not sure why they are there but I have found when I download a torrent it is stored in 2 places. And of course, LOTs of magnet links used recently so assume nothing I can do about that? What a nightmare, not sure even if a backup would have resolved this as In appear to have got at least a valid resume,dat back but it is just not being referenced?
  4. Firstly, please accept my application for total TW@t of the century award. I'm HOPING that SOMEONE can help. PROBLEM : I deleted all the files in my %APPDATA%\utorrent folder, relaunched utorrent and of course EVERYTHING is GONE. I did use RECUVA to get all the files back, renamed settings.dat.old to settings.dat and resume.dat.old to resume.dat but utorrrent still comes up blank. =================[ update following research ]============================ It appears I was on the right track to rename the .old settings and resume.dat's but utorrent does not seem to pick them up in that, after re-launching utorrent the queue is blank and looking at Preferences these are the defaults, not mine. The .old files seem to be correct as they are much bigger. Settings wise I did change the location of downloaded files/finished torrents etc. (see below) FURTHER UPDATE AFTER MORE TESTS I noticed a couple of new .dmp files so decided to try restoring again and look at the logger, this is what I found which I think explains things, the settings.dat and resume.dat from the recovery appear to be damaged. I do have a couple more resume.dat_x.old files so will try them but my settings look like toast. I can re-enter the location changes and the other stuff I changed was mostly from forum posts for more efficient running so can probably replicate (not my main problem though). I do have a backup from 5 years ago which actually won't be far off. Does resume.dat store ALL current queue information? torrent status etc. (i.e. which parts have been downloaded), also label info (I had quite a few 'label folders') Still trying to resolve this, hope someone can help with maybe some key thing that I am missing. I did try one of the other resume.dat's AND a backup settings.dat from 2015 The 2015 settings is no good, it did seem to accept (no log errors) the resume.dat from one of the other .old files but doesn't bring anything up I was wondering if it is referencing any other files/folders in order to bring up the queue? maybe the .torrent file folder or where the in-progress and down torrents are? Have now amended the Preferences to show my folder structure. Saved and checked they are still active on restart. I then created a resume.dat, resume.dat.old and a from what I think is a valid resume.dat (old) backup (in that it doesn't give errors in the log). I created the .new file as without it the log says failed to find Still no joy I'm afraid.