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  1. Set net.low_cpu to true. I was sure I had it set to true' date=' but it seems to have been reset to default - false - with all those updates...[/quote'] Sure enough it's back to hovering between 15-20% of CPU when downloading, which is definitely bearable because I don't download so much at full pace for very long. It quickly drops under 10% when less loaded. Thanks for pointing that out! One silly setting. It's also the first version that runs happily when Ad-Muncher is running under Windows 8 x64 and more than 2200 (I now have 3500) torrents! Even the old 2.x versions behaved badly. So I'm now reaaaallly happy - I can go back to an ad-less internet AND keep utorrent
  2. Yeah' date=' tt seems to slow down the upload (to almost 0... ). Try waiting a minute or so, I see it picks up speed again... Definitely shouldn't behave that way...[/quote'] Thanks for that tip, I didn't leave it running long enough to notice that. If only the CPU consumption would drop after a short while as well during downloading. That doesn't happen though. Awaiting the next version.
  3. Any attempt to set an upload limit on a single torrent (even with 1 uploader) stops it from uploading altogether with 3.3 build 29111. That is completely broken. This alone makes 3.3 unusable for me. CPU usage on a single download is now totally ridiculous. I have a quad core AMD running Windows 8 and approx 20mbit per second download connection (usually 1.4/1.5 megabytes per second on a torrent when things get going). I thought it was really bad before when it regularly chewed up 15-20% or CPU time. Now that's more like 35-45%. This is the same torrent before: And after: Overall, upload speeds seem faster/more resilient across multiple torrents. When there is other disc activity across the two drive raid array on which my torrents sit it also seems less prone to slow down like 3.23 did, which are both great positives. Needless to say I'm firmly back on 3.23 though until the CPU and upload limiting issues are resolved.