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  1. uTorrent 3.0 + v0.383 (2011-07-02) = μRemote 2.4.1 it works no problem
  2. working condition "webui.token_outh" = "false"
  3. Question. Does not work with μRemote 2.3.4 = μTorrent 3.0 + WebUI v0.382 (2011-05-28)?
  4. Excellent news! " A new version 2.3.4. Changelog: • FIX: Broken token authentication with last version of μTorrent Thanks to Tyron Gower for providing precious bandwidth and diskspace. Thank you!!
  5. ianmrae1 Thank you Works! But not just because the developers did μTorrent webui.token_autich function. I would like to complete pooderzhku enabled this feature :-(
  6. This is very bad :-( Recommend a good analogue of the program
  7. I understand the development of the program ended (closed)? In the new version 2.0.1 does not work :-(
  8. The offer 1. Creation on the panel of buttons icons (Pause All, Start All...) 2. Hotkeys (Pause All, Start All...)
  9. noVel

    WebUI v0.315

    jewelisheaven We awake to wait for the new version... Very strongly it would be desirable that function Pause ALL torrents and Resume ALL torrents were present.... Convenient function for fast liberation of speed of a stream for other appointments.
  10. noVel

    WebUI v0.315

    jewelisheaven Addition of these functions is planned?
  11. noVel

    WebUI v0.315

    Whether probably to add in function interface WebUI: Pause ALL torrents Resume ALL torrents Or commands on execution are possible?