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  1. I pulled 29930 as it was crashing too much. Sorry for that. On Monday will work on it and get another build out as quick as we can.
  2. Download the new version here Main focus of µTorrent 3.3.2: - Stability and bugfixes Changelog: --2014-02-13 Stable (build 30586)- Fix: Further changes to primary offer screen --2014-02-09 Stable (build 30570)- Fix: Plus Antivirus install- Fix: Updated EULA- Fix: Crash on installation without network connectivity --2014-01-19 Stable (build 30488)- Fix: Add title text to secondary offer screen- Fix: Installer fix --2014-01-16 Stable (build 30486)- Fix: Update primary offer screen- Fix: Update installer screen text on Welcome page and License page --2013-12-26 Stable (build 30446) - Fix: Installer issue --2013-11-14 Stable (build 30303) - Fix: display issues for ads using non-latin strings - Fix: rollover logic in the ads --2013-10-04 Stable (build 30180) --2013-9-30 RC6 (build 30171) - Fix: Localization problem in "back" button --2013-9-27 RC5 (build 30164) - Fix: Fixed crash at shutdown --2013-9-24 RC4 (build 30148) - Fix: FT blue info button does not show - Fix: search box selection should not change if set by user --2013-9-19 RC3 (build 30131) - Fix: Crash during installation --2013-9-17 RC2 (build 30122) - Fix: Crash in auto-updater - Change: Better state handling of update mechanism - Fix: Stop button now active when a torrent is paused then client is shutdown and restarted. - Fix: Crash at finish of installation - Fix: Crash when settings.dat was loaded - Fix: Persist the Create Subfolder setting within the add torrent dialog --2013-9-13 RC1 (build 30111) - Change: In RSS view, display published time in the 'Added' column. In torrent view, display the time it was when the torrent was added be downloaded. - Change: Improved update mechanism --2013-9-12 (build 30105) - Fix: Crash introduced in previous build --2013-9-11 (build 30100) - Fix: Race condition during update - Fix: Certain disk-full error handled properly - Change: Remove option to rollback from crash report dialog - Fix: Crash when checking for updates - Reverted hang process dialog introduced in previous build - Fix: Run on startup if unchecked during install was not honored (autostart always on) --2013-9-06 (build 30092) - Fix separator line is now added for blank lines in search list...multiple blank lines are collapsed to one separator - Fix multiple crashes in installer on Windows Vista and later machines - Allow user stop a hanging uTorrent process via a dialog --2013-8-28 (build 30067) - Fix crash on startup --2013-8-28 (build 30062) - Fix crash on XP during autoupdate - Fix crash during startup - Fix problem where client downloaded but didn't automatically run update - Fix certificate issue with older XP versions. - Fix crash when deleting torrent files. --2013-7-29: Version 3.3.2 beta (build 29976) - Fix: Multiple crash fixes - Fix: Icon not showing on XP --2013-7-15: Version 3.3.2 beta (build 29944) - Fix: Multiple crashes on toolbar offer screen --2013-7-12: Version 3.3.2 beta (build 29930) - Fix: When a .torrent-file gets downloaded and renamed from a magnet link and you cancel the Add New Torrent-dialog. it doesn't remove the .torrent-file. - Fix: Multiple crashes in internal IE frame - Fix: Crash in autoupdate progress dialog on XP (removed dialog completely on all platforms) - Fix: Removed program location and moved checkboxes up on Install Options installer screen. --2013-6-13: Version 3.3.2 beta (build 29806) - Fix: Crash when featured content pane is selected and offer clicked - Fix: Properly attribute clicks to correct window within client --2013-6-05: Version 3.3.2 beta (build 29786) - Fix: Installer fails to shut down running client during upgrade --2013-6-03: Version 3.3.2 beta (build 29772) - Fix: Crashes related to new offer display code --2013-05-28: Version 3.3.2 beta (build 29742) - Initial Beta launch for 3.3.2
  3. For those that have had crashes on startup, we've addressed those with the beta we just posted. Thanks for the patience and the dumps. Please let us know if you still see this issue.
  4. Focus of 3.2.2: - Stability and performance - Improving the offers experience Download the new version now! Changes from 3.2.1: -- 2012-11-02: Version 3.2.2 RC 2 (build 28447) - Fix: unchecking files in add torrent dialog was broken - Fix: potential crash when anti-virus scanning would fail -- 2012-10-30: Version 3.2.2 Release Candidate 1 (build 28407) - Fix: Client shuts down quicker - Fix: Torrents deleted quicker -- 2012-10-30: Version 3.2.2 Beta 6 (build 28379) - Fix: Malformed web seed HTTP requests for files with spaces in their name - Fix: Language files downloading issue in BitTorrent - Fix: Font and dialog size reduction - Fix: Crash in text parsing -- 2012-10-24: Version 3.2.2 Beta 5 (build 28326) - Fix: Multiple crashes in the user interface - Fix: existing files would not be re-checked when adding a resolved magnet link in add torrent dialog - Fix: Remove redundant virus warning when opening files - Change: Put offers settings in the offers namespace in the advanced listing -- 2012-10-18: Version 3.2.2 Beta 4 (build 28246) - Fix: Inadvertent change to torrent view when on other views - Fix: Small memory leak - Fix: Crashes in offer code -- 2012-10-15: Version 3.2.2 Beta 3 (build 28198) - Change: Improve status message for magnet links that need DHT when DHT is disabled - Feature: Extend UDP trackers to send request string from url - Fix: Properly display Featured Content background when no offer available - Fix: Various small memory leaks -- 2012-10-09: Version 3.2.2 Beta 2 (build 28138) - Added: Plus users are offer free for life - Removed ability to right-click and close Plus banner in lower left corner - Fix: Multiple crashes on startup - Fix: Minor display issues in the Featured Torrent window - Fix: Crash when proxy setting is invalid - Fix: Show torrent pane when torrent added from offer - Fix: Add advanced option to turn off randomized peer IDs - Fix: Minor improvements to left hand rail offer -- 2012-10-05: Version 3.2.2 Beta 1 (build 28110) - Fix: the divider auto-sizing feauture of list view - Fix: lowered uT-remote timeouts, for more responsive connectivity to server - Fix: SSDP notifies would sometimes advertize the wrong IP - Fix: typo in DHT scrape response - Fix: Display issues in Featured Torrent window - Fix: Crashes in frames - Improved download and execute experience for featured torrents - Improved offer window rotatioin - Added control to turn off in-client offers - Add support for Asian languages in offer windows
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