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  1. Did anyone notice that clicking on remove and delete torrent sometimes (actually, quite a bit often) does not delete torrent? A torrent file gets stucked inside utorrent folder in app data folder.
  2. No, i would like to have that part of the window gone. I have disabled all comment related options (at least those i could find) and i still get comment/rate popup. If i select dont show this window again then whole "confirm when deleting torrents" option gets disabled. I would like to have an option not to display commenting/rating popup and have the old confirmation window back.
  3. Why are there two different dialog boxes when removing torrents? When you, for example, select to remove one torrent+data, you get a popup to comment/rate a torrent (even when commenting is disabled) but when you select TWO torrents to remove+delete data you get the old popup box with no commenting/rating option?
  4. One other difference between 2.x versions and new one... How many ads (hidden or visible) do new versions have? I recently tried new 3.2.2 beta and had to untick ads and other mumbo-jumbo during installation, inside the program i had to disable (hide) featured torrents, then i had to hide all other stuff that clutters UI, afterwards i had to search the forums to find how to disable left_rail_offer and sponsored_torrent. And finally, when i thought im finally done, in the down right corner two icons pop out, Facebook and Twitter icons. Now, my question there anything else i need to disable? Any other hidden ads that will jump out and scare me? With every new version, more and more time is needed to bring the torrent UI back to as it was. Help file is not updated, some options are not working (like the one i mentioned -> removing the search box), some other options are working for a little while than they stop working altogether untill they start working again (like clicking on a tray icon and opening the program with a single click and then clicking on the same icon again to close the program back to tray). Now, these are the things i noticed as a most simplest utorrent user. I'm scared to thing what other bugs are there and what else is not working as it should if i were a more advanced user and would require more tinkering with an advanced options.
  5. I'm using version at the moment since that version is all i need. I'm not interested in apps, streaming, utorrent plus, commenting/rating on torrents, ads, featured torrents or any other similar stuff that was added in recent versions. I am also not even using the search engine within the utorrent which could be removed via deleting all search strings within UI Extras, and then the search box would dissapear in the main UI of the program. But in the new versions even that is not working properly anymore. The only thing i do miss sometimes, is the new dialog window when adding magnet links. However, since all this time i have been using utorrent without this added functionality, missing that option wont change my user experience THAT much. So, to sum it up... There is absolutely no reason whatsoever, for a simple user like me, to move from or even Default UI was nice, skin support was up-to-date, no bloat. I could easily hide/remove uneeded options from the main UI (with new versions, i can't even do that). When other torrent clients, eventually, implement similar stuff as utorrent has today, then it will be time to move from an old, unbloated version of utorrent to a up-to-date, unbloated version of some other torrent client. In the end, it's just a piece of software.