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  1. This isn't exactly relevant to this subject, but... why do you have nearly 5,000 finished torrents in your list? If they are 'finished,' they are stopped, so you're not seeding for them. And, yes, I could see having a few of them around after you've completed them, but nearly 5,000?
  2. I prefer the old add torrent dialog. I really, really dislike the new split path/filename in 3.2.1. I like being able to edit the whole path, but, more importantly, I like being able to edit the filename at the same time. I used to use the ... browse function to select my folder, then I would select a file (usually the last one) so I could then just change the relevant data. For example, if I was downloading the 30th chapter of something, I could just hilite the 29th chapter, change the '29' to '30' and change the previous chapter's subject to the new subject, and boom - the rest of the formatting for the filename is done, Now I have to actually go the directory I'm saving in in Windows Explorer, select the old file, copy the filename, and go BACK to uTorrent. Please give us the option of the older add torrent dialog back, at least?