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  1. Oh awesome! Okay, I've deleted those, plus one called resume.dat.bad which sounded... well... bad. Let's see how this goes now! I'll let you know if I have any more trouble! Edit: Oh no!! Okay, the program works fine now! Now I have a new problem! All my inprogress downloads are gone!! How do I recover them to the download list?
  2. I understand most of this. How do I get into "@appdata@/utorrent"? Is it a folder in the directory? If I purge my settings, is it going to change my download location? That's an unrelated question, but it's one thing I'll want to watch out for if I take out all the settings files, right? I'd hate for it to just suddenly start re-downloading everything in-progress to a different spot... or maybe it wouldn't do that, I don't know. xD If you tell me where to go to delete those files though I'll do it asap!
  3. I am confused by a lot of this troubleshooting stuff because I don't know computers as deeply as most of the people posting here do, but I've been fighting to try to fix this problem for some time. Every time I'd open utorrent, it would totally and permanently freeze up and turn all white, sometimes with holes, sometimes not... sometimes it doesn't turn white but still freezes, but it always, always freezes. Now, I don't know what I can even do to fix the problem when I can't even get into the program... I tried to go in and shut off any broken loads to see if that would help, no luck. I updated to the latest client and its still freezing when I load it up... so I'd wager the problem isn't fixed yet, and I hoped to relay that. I haven't done anything fancy to my client I don't believe, other than changing the download directory... I reinstalled the new build and it persists, so... I have no idea what else I can do. I was looking through pages and pages of posts here about it, seems like a lot of things have been tried to get this to stop happening. Hell my browser is backed up with tabs that I should be able to close by putting the torrents into utorrent, but I can't even add things to it, cause it just freezes when I turn it on. Oh, I don't know what to do. I guess we'll have to wait and cross our fingers for the next release...