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  1. Sadly, setting bt.randomize_peer_id to false had no effect. It still said "banned client". I can't imagine what could be causing this. If the tracker banned 3.xx clients, why would they only ban 3.2.2? I've used 3.xx, along with all the beta builds all the way up to 3.2.1 with no problem on this tracker, so it sounds strange that they would all of a sudden ban uTorrent 3.2.2. I really hope you can pin point what is causing this. I know alot of people dis uTorrent 3.xx, but I have personally had no problem with it until now. All my other torrents work fine with 3.2.2 except the private tracker torrents. I have hope you can seek out the problem rafi. You're the man. EDIT: I've come to the conclusion that this is a problem with the private tracker and not uTorrent itself. I guess they just got lazy and decided not to whitelist 3.2.2. But, there is still this serious bug with 3.2.2. When I was using 3.2.2, my computer went to sleep even with it open. This has never happened before. Anytime I have uTorrent open, my computer will refuse to got to sleep, but with 3.2.2 RC1, it went to sleep even though 3.2.2 RC1 was being used. So I figured I would bring this to your attention since this is a serious bug. I have my computer set to sleep after 1 hour of inactivity, but when I have uTorrent open, it doesn't go to sleep (which is a good thing). This has changed since 3.2.2 RC1, I hope you can pin point the problem.
  2. I did ask them about this before, and they asked if I used uTorrent 3.xx. I said yes, and then they said uTorrent 3.xx has numerous problems and that this was the cause. So I waited to see if 3.2.2 would fix the problem, so when I saw RC1, I figured this problem was fixed. I guess not. They said nothing about banning clients that use 3.xx, and if they did indeed do this, why would 3.2.2 be the one that gets blacklisted and not any other uTorrent 3 version? This is the first time I've encountered this problem and have been using uTorrent 3.xx with this tracker with no problem until 3.2.2 was released. Why would they blacklist 3.2.2 and let all the other 3.xx versions slide? It makes no sense. I think there's something else going on here. They didn't say they blacklist any particular clients, they just recommend that you use 2.2.1. Speaking of which, would using 2.2.1 be risky security wise?
  3. I have used numerous betas with this private tracker, and I have never once seen this banned client message. I couldn't imagine that they would allow all the previous betas I've used and then for some reason stop at 3.2.2. Are you sure this is the case? I do have one question Firon, and you are the person I was looking for to answer this. Alot of private trackers recommend you use 2.2.1 version of uTorrent. Would there be any security risks with using an old version of uTorrent?
  4. If this were true, then no matter what version of uTorrent I would use, I would still be banned. Obviously they have updated the "whitelist" or else I would be banned no matter what uTorrent version I used. This only happends with 3.2.2 (RC1) AND 3.3 alpha. After I downgrade to 3.2.1, its fixed and it says working as it should be. I have a feeling it has something to do with this: -9 Change: Randomized Peer ID might not suit some private sites. An option is needed to enable/disable it The download is completely finished. So this theory is completely wrong. I have all the pieces. Its just when someone starts uploading the torrent from me, my ratio increases dramatically. As we speak, one of my torrents has a ratio of 74.292. Its a 12.5 GB torrent, and I've only uploaded 600MB so far, but my ratio is 74.292. Something else is going on here. If this were true, then I would have connection dropouts no matter what uTorrent version I used. I browse the web and use uTorrent all the time. All of a sudden, when I upgraded to 3.2.2 RC1, my internet drops out and I can't browse the web until I close 3.2.2 RC1. Coincidence? I don't think so. This has only happened when using 3.2.2.
  5. I have for the first time, encountered problems with uTorrent (3.2.2 RC1). There are only 2, but I feel they for sure need addressed. The first one is on certain private tracker torrents, I get an error message saying "Failure: access denied, banned client". I'm not banned from the private tracker, as when I revert back to 3.2.1 the message disappears and it says "working" instead. All the other torrents work fine under 3.2.2 RC1, just not the private tracker torrents. The second problem is, when I have 3.2.1 open (and all previous versions), my PC will NOT go to sleep. This is good, as I don't want my downloads stopped. But, with 3.2.2 (RC1), my computer goes to sleep even when uTorrent is open, resulting in my downloads (and whole computer) stopping and taking a rest. Usually, if a program is demanding something from the CPU, the machine won't go to sleep. It only goes to sleep when the machine is idle and not doing anything. This is the first time I've encountered any bugs with uTorrent and they are pretty serious ones at that. Could you please address them before you consider 3.2.2 "stable". These bugs also exist in the 3.3 alpha. EDIT: Also, as I was trying to post this message (with 3.2.2 RC1 running), my internet dropped. I even tried to go to google and it was unresponsive. I checked uTorrent and I was still downloading, so my internet bandwidth was still working. I then closed uTorrent 3.2.2 RC1 and my internet started working again. Please fix these problems. Thank you. EDIT 2: This also reminds me of a little bug that I should mention. When uploading, my ratio will increase dramatically, like go from 0.500 to 67.400. It then, will gradually decrease back to the actual ratio amount backwards. Very strange.