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  1. right-click the columns - header->reset Ah, thanks. That's it. Looked right past it I guess.
  2. It's showing for me. Have you unchecked it by any chance? Right-click at the top of one of the other columns to see if it's checked/unchecked. Thanks. I did check to make sure it is enabled on the configuration dropdown. I just can't make it appear as a column heading. I did just discover that the priority functionality is there, though. I can right mouse click on a particular file in a torrent and change the priority from high, to normal, to low, to don't download and back again. There is just no visual indication of current status. I guess I will try resetting all the headings the next time I run µTorrent to see if that clears things up. This is with 30570 but I noticed it with previous one, too.
  3. Is anyone else missing the priority column on the files tab in the last few releases?