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  1. @ Ultima, I have not set the queue on it though, nothing should be queuing... it didnt on 1.8.1 it went green straight away.
  2. It seems that my other post was unnoticed- has anyone else had the problem with the queued seed thing? For example when you start utorrent up half would be green and the rest will be grey and it will take about 2-4 minutes until the torrents turn green again...
  3. Testing it now... I didnt get a crash but there is a major lag when you start up the program and all the torrents initialize and connect to the tracker. Ive got about 15 torrents seeding and 1/2 started to seed instantly then after 2 minutes the rest of the torrents went green. Firon could you could look at that...see if you get that..... I didnt get the crashes everyone else has been getting im running on server 03 and no probs apart for the lag.
  4. Ok is it usual for the webui not to display all of the seed numbers properly when the torrent is seeding but no one is downloading the torrent off you? I am meaning when no one is downloading of me i get 0 seeds it says but then i check on utorrent itself it has about 56. But when someone is leeching of me it displays the no of seeds and peers perfectly. Is this a bug or should i just expect this. (it is not major but still would like to know if some 1 else apart from me is seeding the file without going back to the program itself.
  5. Do you think in this build we can get the no of peers in the webui (in expanded view) such as flag and ip address and client(s) of other peers?
  6. TG

    µTorrent MiniUI

    That Looks Awesome Ultima! Good Work! You might want to try this on mobile Safari (iphone)