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  1. Thanks, I never even suspected windows itself. Well now I know what is this thing. At last. I was talking about situations when you select some files in the torrent to download and other files which are skipped are allocated (my bad, in the 1st post it was written "allocated") on the disk after you start the download. Sometimes I have encountered this bug and it was listed as a known issue.
  2. Not really that important, but after you delete a torrent from list, the selection goes down on the next one, but even if it's selected, no info is shown in the tabs until you select it again in the list. And all buttons\actions\etc are applied to it, so it's only the info that is not displayed. I wonder if anyone noticed this, it's been there for a while. Also in the first post there was a list of known issues, I assume when it's gone - all of them (including accidental downloading of random not selected files) are fixed?
  3. Some time ago you could select to enable a test feature before you install the program, it was called Distributed Share and there is an option for it: distributed_share.enable Just in case I've disabled it and so far no more strange big files with the hidden label.
  4. Just another bug in 3.3 and 3.4 which I confirmed here It messes up tracker urls, specifically from and old tpb ones adding * before the url, making them invalid. In case of it's important I guess (old tpb trackers are dead, let them be dead), since I can download more easily with 3.2.1 than 3.3. And sometimes torrent is private, in that case you can't download it, because url is invalid and it has no dht. Well..only if you know how to enable it for every torrent..ahem. Hope someday this bug will be fixed.