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  1. Still seeing the move up overlaping tooltip previously reported in beta 1111 now in beta 1137. Windows XP, SP 2.
  2. Chrono79


    Are you sure there are already 2 separate ccTLD for each country?
  3. Thanks CapnBry, at least I know I'm not alone
  4. Does column rearrange in main window (I mean drag and drop a column between others) work for you? I'm using Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper, Wine 0.9.16 and µTorrent 1.6 build 474 ¡My columns are nailed! I can drag the column title but the column itself remains in its original position no matter what.
  5. Chrono79


    I didn't like the UK flag (too bright for me) so here it is (darker):
  6. Chrono79


    Angola flag is already there: it's the eleventh one.
  7. Chrono79


    I think .cc is missing but... so, it's difficult to set a flag if anyone can register a .cc domain name.
  8. Chrono79


    Eng: Could you edit the topic or first post adding "Updated: date", it would be easier to know if you changed your flags.conf that way.