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  1. I know this, but also the automatic function, if it exist, must work. The last (now) 3 versions don't work like the previous versions: this is the question - is this intentionally or not? I'm secure that the wrong install dir is an error, for the trigger of installer I don't know :-)
  2. Yes, for me it is the same. When auto-update it trigger the installation and want to install to C:\Users\*****\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent (the last 2 version). Previously there was no installation pop-up and it update silently.
  3. Just to confirm that with 28854 the icon is ok!
  4. I upgrade to 28830 and find that the tray icon is bad:
  5. Is it possible to make also the string "*** Starting Diagnostic thread ***" translatable? regards damjang PS: In 21738 build there is a new string to translate, which is not in µTS.
  6. ...and also one string up:
  7. In rc4 I find another 2 GUI/translation related problem (cutted strings): and
  8. How about this GUI problems? Can be considered/corrected in the next build?
  9. For the Transfer Cap is not Set I don't know because I don't find it, but the grid & days is translatable. I also attach there some images for some text strings that are truncated from translation text. It is a gui problem that can be fixed. One of this is already mentioned here. Damjan G.