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  1. What the hell is going on? I press to download the latest stable 3.3.2 and i get 3.4 in return? is this a joke? Good thing filehippo exists, they keep track of every build u got, unlike u do !
  2. go to Preferences> Advanced > type in the box "offers" and put all 3 on false. Restart utorrent. Problem solved.
  3. Just downloaded a file over 20GB, and after awhile i noticed my system was very sluggish, when i saw the task manager ram usage my jaw dropped. over 4 GB of wasted RAM on utorrent again, I dont call that progress, son !
  4. you're both wrong, Im not a developer to know what causes something like that, so i went with basic feedback, sorry if it's not enough. #rolling back is not an option hence i already did that, and even more issues.
  5. The "stable" client should do that, i dont need to find a way to bypass anything, the memory leak is present whether i download or not, we already discussed this! IT has nothing to do with cache (i can enable it or disable it, both read/write, test it for a couple of hours and the leak appears. Many configurations have this problems, u dont have it, because u have a rare combination of hardware/software that utorrent "seems" to like, so the bug does not manifest itself.
  6. IT's a bug in the program that manifests itself as a memory leak ? better now?
  7. I wouldn't call 1.5GB of memory wasted minimal (even more if i let the client open).
  8. I know it has, i reported it lol
  9. i came back to 3.3.2 (again), at least i can download something.
  10. See, you are hasty to reply with a solution that DOES NOT work, not everyone has your exact config, this is PC landscape, everything is possibile and i already had the cache set over 100 megs + after that SS was taken; right now at the moment of typing the client is hanging again with over 2 GB of memory leak and no HDD activity, it just hangs ! I never experienced this problem in latest 3.3.2 stable release (at least there i knew i had a memory leak but the downloads never stopped, never hanged the client).
  11. Im on 3.2.3 again, no memory leaks here, but the always persistent BUG (dont try to sugar coat it, u know it is) in the client when u have over 10MB/s downloading is damn annoying. LE: AHEM< let me rephrase, memory leaks at large in 3.2.3 as well, what the c...
  12. f*k this, getting the 3.2.3 installed again, at least there's no memory leak present but hate to "regress" instead of progress, your fault.
  13. I already tried that, mate and to no avail, if my client is seeding for a period of ... dunno at least 10-20 minutes to even hours, eventually it will start chokin' my ram to the sky (at least a good hour of seeding to actually see a big difference in memory utilization). @dreadedwingknight, I've disabled both cache options in the client prior to this version (now there's a new update, 30260 i'll test on that). Also if u think windows cache system behaviour is herratic and in this case, on latest 3.3.2 client, it's hogging my memory, then why on earth 3.2.3 is NOT having this problem, with or without cache (write/read) enabled ?
  14. there's no cache overflowing since i get this only when utorrent is idle or seeding to peers, if i restart the client ram load goes back to normal values and after 20 or 30 minutes later it starts eating at my ram (6GB) slowly. also TASK MANAGER is not listing the ram usage of utorrent correctly, i use msi afterburner that shows exactly what my ram usage is, any MS related perf. monitor "lies" about utorrent real ram usage. LE: last time i closed the utorrent client was 1 hour ago and the total ram usage was at about 1.2 GB now after that hour, with utorrent in the background doing nothing, just seeding at a rate of 300-450KB/s my ram usage went to 2.3GB ... If i close right now the client my ram will go back to 1.2 in a blink of an eye ! IF that is not what u call a memory leak in this "stable" release then by all means there's no point reporting here since nobody cares anyway.
  15. U think just by linking another thread with general faq will help ? I've already seen that and to no avail, should i even say that the latest "stable" build as all 3.3.x have HUGE memory leaks? just found out after downloaded some files that utorrent was using over 4GB of my memory, this never, ever happened with 3.2.3.