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  1. I'm experiencing an issue where my down speed drops (from 300+ kbps to under 20kbps) after a few minutes of active downloading. Stopping the torrent and starting it again fixes the issue, but only for another few minutes. The issue seems to only occur when NAT-PMP is enabled (logger says it fails to map the port using NAT-PMP, which is not unexpected on my network). I'm running 17341 on Win7 x64. Edit: The problem still occurs without NAT-PMP, it just takes a bit longer (it could be completely unrelated to NAT-PMP, my experimentation hasn't exactly been methodical). This is a problem across multiple torrents, by the way. Stopping/starting the torrent restores download speed to 300+ within a few seconds.
  2. With 1.8.3 I've noticed that when Force Starting a torrent, no peers connect. I have my queue limit set to 2 and have 2 other torrents running, both of which have peers connected fine, but any torrents I Force Start don't have peers connect. When I just move these torrents up in the queue and allow them to regular Start, they connect fine to any peers. This behavior was noticed with 15658 and 15728, I didn't use any 1.8.3 builds before them.