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  1. Thank you for explaining that to me. Now, does that also apply to the Pro version? Let say I did a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit, and I followed your instructions. I copy my license key into the uTorrent directory, will it automatically sense that its a pro version? Reason I ask is that I did that and when it attempted to activate, it said my license key was invalid. Lastly, I emailed support as well with this issue. Thanks
  2. Wouldn't be a lot easier just to delete the settings.dat and settings.old.old? Why create a new "empty" settings.dat file?
  3. Yes, I know there is a help file (F1), but since it has not been updated in a few years, the command line options might have changed, added a few more or completely removed. Any how, thank you for informing me where to find what I was looking for and that info is still good. Does anyone know what the latest BETA version available? I haven't seen an update in almost a month now. Thanks again!
  4. Can you enlighten me on what the command line options are? I would appreciate it very much. Thank you.
  5. Is there a command line option with µTorrent, or µTorrent Pro? Thank you in advance.
  6. Okay, I figured it out. I was upgrading uTorrent 3.49 to 3.50. I had to rename the help file from utorrent-349.chm to utorrent-350.chm. I hope others will find this useful, even though the help file hasn't been updated since v3.3.2 ( Last updated on: 17-August-2013, by: Rafi ). It would be nice if someone or a group of people who could update the help file. This would be nice because it should ease up on all the questions in this uTorrent forum.
  7. Hello, Every time I update to a new version of uTorrent, I am unable to get the help file to come up either using the F1 key or Help/uTorrent Help Menu. Can anyone tell me the correct name to name the uTorrent Help file? I am currently using uTorrent 3.50,43784 and the name of the help file is utorrent-350-43784. Here is my log file: [2017-05-12 22:33:11] Help file not found in settings directory, attempting to download [2017-05-12 22:33:11] Could not download help file. Error: HTTP Error 400 Thank you in advance.
  8. Hi -

    You very kindly posted .BTSKIN files on ADrive -but they are no longer available.

    You posted them at


    The Adrive link was



    Could you please repost them?

    You can email me at subscrip99@gmail.com


    Thanks so much - str8arrow

    1. vze2mp9g


      Okay, give me about a week, I just have to locate them.

  9. Can you tell me where I can get the latest WebUI? Thanks
  10. Thank you for replying. Everything looks okay. This is what I tried. I have an older PC Pentium 3 @1.0 Ghz 500Mb Ram, Windows 7 Ult SP1 32-bit connected to the same home network wireless. I installed uTorrent 3.3.2 build 30544 (which I install on my PC), stayed with the default settings, and I pressed the F1 Key, it had no problem downloading and displaying utorrent-332-30544.chm with no errors. My dilemma is how does this happen on the same network? I did some research on HTTP 400 ERROR and this is what I came up with: I only get this error when I attempt to use the F1 key to download the utorrenthelp.zip zip. I am at a total loss, can anyone assist me in rectifying this, so I can get back up and running again? I would appreciate any and all assistance with my issue on my main PC. Thank You.
  11. Thank You Beasly for getting back to me. I was almost loosing it. I used the exact name you told me that it works you, utorrent-340-30553.chm, but it didn't work for me. See below screen shot Thank you all who responded. Maybe a bug? I just installed Windows 7 Ult SP1 [32-bit] with MS Office 2013, Mozilla Firefox 28.0 beta 1, Directory Opus Pro x86. No other software installed yet. Thank You. :cool:
  12. Thank you rafi, it didn't work. I tried utorrent-340.chm utorrent-341.chm utorrent-34.chm . See my log file: Can anyone tell me about the webcache.data file that is suppose to be in the %AppData%\utorrent\ settings directory? Thank You.
  13. I've updated to uTorrent 3.4 RC Build 30553 and I have the utorrent-34-30553.chm in the %AppData%/utorrent/ directory. I changed it to utorrent-340-30553.chm then utorrent-341-30553.chm and I keep getting: [2014-02-05 20:21:33] Help file not found in settings directory, attempting to download [2014-02-05 20:21:33] Could not download help file. Error: HTTP Error 400 [2014-02-05 20:21:52] Help file not found in settings directory, attempting to download [2014-02-05 20:21:52] Could not download help file. Error: HTTP Error 400 Then when I go to Help -> Check for Updates I get a pop up window telling me: Unable to contact update server. Can anyone assist me with these two minor issues? Please see below if it helps:
  14. Why aren't the developer's releasing the latest version of utorrent? Thanks
  15. Can anyone explain why the the builds remain the same, the date is always changed?