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  1. Pro Version

    Hello, I had troubles with my 5 year old Toshiba Laptop and I had to reinstall Windows 10 a couple of times. I finally got it checked out about 5 weeks ago. When I sent several tickets explaining my issues with µTorrent Pro (Error: To Many Activations) over the last three weeks, I never received a response from anyone. I am attacking my receipt as proof. I would really appreciate any and everything you can do for me.
  2. Social Media Icons

    This has nothing to do with µTorrent, bur about this forum. Can anyone tell me where can I obtain the icons, all the same size and shape, for Social Media at the end of this page? I would appreciate any and all suggestions Thank you.
  3. Downloading more than file size

    I do agree, sorry about that! I should have sent a PM about his sig!
  4. Downloading more than file size

    Can you please tell me how to get the torrents of uT Stable & Beta? I copied the magnet?xt= but what do I do nwith it? Thank You.
  5. 3.5.x Beta

    What happened to the main site (www.utorrent.com)? I was able to get to this form through my history.
  6. Command Line Options

    Nothing MAJOR has changed, but all the little twerks and changes. Like appending the labels to the torrents, and under Preferences in Advanced, there has been a lot of changes, for example, some stuff has been taken out and new stuff put in. Also, the "Secrete" hidden settings when you hold down the shift control key under Preferences (I'm not sure if that's the correct key combination). Small stuff like that. Does anyone know why the developers won't allow anyone to update the HELP file? Is there some top secrete with uT that the competitors might steal or put a feature in one of the FREE Bit Torrent Clients? uT has come a long ways and it's more stable than it ever was, its not perfect, but it does what it says it does with little crashes, if used correctly.
  7. Command Line Options

    That's a nice though! rafi, didn't you use to do the updating of the help file? Won't the developers give you any code so you can update the help file? I use to do a similar function like that when I worked at the Philadelphia Stock Exchange in the administration offices in the early 1990's. The developers would give me some of the source code and I would use their comments to write up user guides on how to use the systems. Thanks
  8. How do I save the settings of the download page?

    Thank you for explaining that to me. Now, does that also apply to the Pro version? Let say I did a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit, and I followed your instructions. I copy my license key into the uTorrent directory, will it automatically sense that its a pro version? Reason I ask is that I did that and when it attempted to activate, it said my license key was invalid. Lastly, I emailed support as well with this issue. Thanks i figured out what had to be done. I just had to install uTorrent from the file they sent me with the key already installed.
  9. How do I save the settings of the download page?

    Wouldn't be a lot easier just to delete the settings.dat and settings.old.old? Why create a new "empty" settings.dat file?
  10. Command Line Options

    Yes, I know there is a help file (F1), but since it has not been updated in a few years, the command line options might have changed, added a few more or completely removed. Any how, thank you for informing me where to find what I was looking for and that info is still good. Does anyone know what the latest BETA version available? I haven't seen an update in almost a month now. Thanks again!
  11. Command Line Options

    Can you enlighten me on what the command line options are? I would appreciate it very much. Thank you.
  12. Command Line Options

    Is there a command line option with µTorrent, or µTorrent Pro? Thank you in advance.
  13. Hi -

    You very kindly posted .BTSKIN files on ADrive -but they are no longer available.

    You posted them at


    The Adrive link was



    Could you please repost them?

    You can email me at subscrip99@gmail.com


    Thanks so much - str8arrow

    1. vze2mp9g


      Okay, give me about a week, I just have to locate them.

  14. µTorrent MiniUI

    Can you tell me where I can get the latest WebUI? Thanks