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  1. vze2mp9g

    3.5.x Beta

    What happened to the main site (www.utorrent.com)? I was able to get to this form through my history.
  2. Hi -

    You very kindly posted .BTSKIN files on ADrive -but they are no longer available.

    You posted them at


    The Adrive link was



    Could you please repost them?

    You can email me at subscrip99@gmail.com


    Thanks so much - str8arrow

    1. vze2mp9g


      Okay, give me about a week, I just have to locate them.

  3. vze2mp9g

    µTorrent MiniUI

    Can you tell me where I can get the latest WebUI? Thanks
  4. Thank you for replying. Everything looks okay. This is what I tried. I have an older PC Pentium 3 @1.0 Ghz 500Mb Ram, Windows 7 Ult SP1 32-bit connected to the same home network wireless. I installed uTorrent 3.3.2 build 30544 (which I install on my PC), stayed with the default settings, and I pressed the F1 Key, it had no problem downloading and displaying utorrent-332-30544.chm with no errors. My dilemma is how does this happen on the same network? I did some research on HTTP 400 ERROR and this is what I came up with: I only get this error when I attempt to use the F1 key to download the utorrenthelp.zip zip. I am at a total loss, can anyone assist me in rectifying this, so I can get back up and running again? I would appreciate any and all assistance with my issue on my main PC. Thank You.
  5. Thank You Beasly for getting back to me. I was almost loosing it. I used the exact name you told me that it works you, utorrent-340-30553.chm, but it didn't work for me. See below screen shot Thank you all who responded. Maybe a bug? I just installed Windows 7 Ult SP1 [32-bit] with MS Office 2013, Mozilla Firefox 28.0 beta 1, Directory Opus Pro x86. No other software installed yet. Thank You. :cool:
  6. Thank you rafi, it didn't work. I tried utorrent-340.chm utorrent-341.chm utorrent-34.chm . See my log file: Can anyone tell me about the webcache.data file that is suppose to be in the %AppData%\utorrent\ settings directory? Thank You.
  7. I've updated to uTorrent 3.4 RC Build 30553 and I have the utorrent-34-30553.chm in the %AppData%/utorrent/ directory. I changed it to utorrent-340-30553.chm then utorrent-341-30553.chm and I keep getting: [2014-02-05 20:21:33] Help file not found in settings directory, attempting to download [2014-02-05 20:21:33] Could not download help file. Error: HTTP Error 400 [2014-02-05 20:21:52] Help file not found in settings directory, attempting to download [2014-02-05 20:21:52] Could not download help file. Error: HTTP Error 400 Then when I go to Help -> Check for Updates I get a pop up window telling me: Unable to contact update server. Can anyone assist me with these two minor issues? Please see below if it helps:
  8. Why aren't the developer's releasing the latest version of utorrent? Thanks
  9. Can anyone explain why the the builds remain the same, the date is always changed?
  10. You know as well as Bittorrent.inc that they have users by the balls! Most people are going to choose a popular piece of software. A revolution will most likely not happen because of the fact of the ratio of users that truely know what goes on in the belly of the beast and the ones that don't. Most are regular users that either do not care or are not informed enough of what goes on here on the forums...ex: The majority of them have no clue that most ads/featured crap can be disabled on installation and in client. How about a big old fashioned Sticky with the appropriate title for disabling or is it because every click brings in $$$. Muse-Uprising= Total number of registered users on the this forum is 255,367 compared to the millions of utorrent users. I hear you bro! Most people don't understand themselves, let a lone uTorrent! :cool:
  11. rafi, Can you tell me how you singled out uTorrent with M$ Performance Monitor? I'm new at all this "techie" stuff. I'm slowly learning by myself with the assistance of others, as well as yourself! Thanks David
  12. I agree, no short cut, no anything. I guess you have to manually add it to your desktop/start menu/task bar. Maybe because it's an Alpha version? BTW, this new Alpha version, uTorrent remote doesn't work. This is on a NEW FRESH install of Win7 Ult SP1.
  13. The ad on the bottom left corner is what I was talking about. Turns out it's the one causing the pop up, as mentioned in the thread linked by ciaobaby. Turning off the setting mentioned below fixed the issue. I didn't have to change anything else. Thanks Okay, as I've read in your previous post: Is this ad in IE10, or somewhere in µTorrent? The reason why I ask is that the only ad I see in µTorrent on the bottom left hand side is the "Show Plus Information", and if this is what you are talking about, you can easily remove it by going to Options => Show Plus Information and uncheck it. Now if it's in IE10, that's a whole different story. It could just be the site your going to. You might look into getting Mozilla Firefox by going to [ins]http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/[/ins], download and install it. Then once you start using it, then go to [ins]https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/greasemonkey/?src=ss[/ins] to download and install GreaseMonkey, just follow the promts, then go to and install the following user scripts: [ins]http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/145020[/ins] [ins]http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/132940[/ins] [ins]http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/89761[/ins] Then you might look into other ad/popup blockers in general, then you shouldn't see so many ads. Let me know if this helps.
  14. It's mostly done using the btskin file and didn't take long to do... Yes, I'm aware of that, but you have to figure out the colors in HEX. Unless you have a good color HEX/RGB program, you have to rely on the online programs. Plus, you have to know exactly what the codes (upload_rate_limit:) are applying to, other wise you could end up with some wacky color scheme. BTW, do you know what uTorrent color range is? What I mean is, in the developer section, it mentions that if the color isn't valid for uTorrent, it will be ignored and the default color will be used instead. So, what I'm getting out of this, I should really stick to the Beta versions right now. I don't mind testing for the devs., but I also don't want to have to many problems to deal with. Betas are okay right now, even the Release Candidates still have bugs.
  15. Hey Beasley, I love your color scheme, I wasn't aware that you can change all the colors of uTorrent like that. That must have taken you a while to get it just right. I tried messing with it, but I just got frustrated. BTW, I also noticed that you're using the Alpha version, has it given you any problems? I know, most of the time, that the Beta version has some bugs in it. I would just assume that the Alpha version has a little more bugs than the Beta.