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  1. Sorry this is far too buggy - reverted to last working version (2.0.2)! What happened guys?? utorrent used to be the best torrent app out there - seems to have been getting worse with each release. Will check back in a few months to see if newer version is any better - till then i'll stick with the version i know works!
  2. I think there is a major problem in 3.1+ with file system access - ever since 3.1 my files have started screwing up - there's the permanant "Moving..." issue. But more worryingly a hdd of mine has bad sector and utorrent seems to bypass windows filesystem and writes out to this bad sector over and over. I stop everything, do a scan/repair disk, then restart things again and one of the next torrents ends up being re-written out to this sector again (so i then have to repeat the process again.) Are you doing something funky with the flush to disk stuff (bypassing any filesystem checks?)?? I should say that i've not experienced this problem with 3.2 yet - but i am litterally just about to update to it in the hope that the problem has been fixed (If not, i think i'll have to go back to the last stable prior to 3.1 !)
  3. I think this is the right place, i'm on latest version (3.1 build 26554 32bit) and have a weird problem. A couple of days ago i got prompted to update to latest 3.1 (an earlier build than above) and had "Alpha tester feedback" (or something like this) hyperlink in top right corner of utorrent - i didn't really think much of it at the time - just assumed it was a left over link from alpha testing. Yesterday i got another prompt to update (to my current version listed above) and now this text has changed to some chinese characters as per attached. Just thought you might want to look at this, remove it from the final ? EDIT: just remembered, also have another issue. I'm downloading to a fixed drive (D:) once complete, certain types of downloads are moved to H: (which happens to be a permantly attached USB drive) - utorrent appears to move the files ok, but the torrents remain listed as "Moving" permanatly (it doesn't change unless exit utorrent and start back up again). I noticed some comments about USB drive handling in this release - wonder if it's related??