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  1. utorrent works on LINUX!

    This is one of the things on my list to look at (along with other syslistview items) as soon as I get time, as hasn't worked for me either.
  2. utorrent works on LINUX!

    Eh, I just thought that since I had already shown that I can fix a problem and proficiency in the debugger, someone would want to throw me a bone and save me some time. I know it can be unpacked, I thought my time would be better spent fixing WINE to make utorrent work better.
  3. utorrent works on LINUX!

    I do have GLX enabled (direct rendering available), but not Composite, and I'm not even sure what the Damage extension is. It doesn't have anything to do with the speed of my X server because it flickers even on a GeForce 6800GT with an Athlon X2 4200+. Take your "works under win32" comments to the win32 thread! :-P Of course it has something to do with WINE, there isn't even a complete syslistview32 implementation in wine at all (for starters they don't support extended list view styles at all). What I was hoping was that I could find a reason it flickers under wine, come up with a workaround, and see if it works just as well for win32. Of course, if it turns out to be the GDI implementation in wine, we're all boned. There isn't a way I could get an non-packed version of utorrent is there? When I was tracking down the problem with the networking it was a real pain in the ass to attach the debugger after the process unpacked, as well as preventing me from using IDA.
  4. utorrent works on LINUX!

    Under Linux+WINE or Win32? Under Win32 everything is great for me. If you mean Linux, what version of WINE, and X are you running, and what video card do you have?
  5. utorrent works on LINUX!

    He says he improved the flickering on the general tab. That was less of an issue for me, but even at 500ms now I see no noticable flickering on the general tab. My annoying flickering issue is with the SysListView32 controls. I haven't had time to construct a test app to localize the problem to WINE or uTorrent though. I mean, obiously it is wine, but there might be an easier workaround inserted into uTorrent if it turns out to be a fundamental problem with WINE's GDI implementation.
  6. utorrent works on LINUX!

    Just wanted to make sure I got your point correctly, you're saying this right? Works: WINE 0.9.12 Does not work: Cedega 5.1, Crossover Office Pro 5.0.1 I have my screen update time set to 2000ms too, just because the screen flicker drives me nuts. I just don't have the time to try to see if that is a wine problem or a uTorrent problem. I won't care once the webui is ready, hopefuly I won't even have to have any UI on my screen at all.
  7. utorrent works on LINUX!

    What am I besides a nick? It's not like I wrote uTorrent or wine, I just removed one character from a file. That was the easy part too, the hard part was getting around PECompact to get disassembly I would work with.
  8. utorrent works on LINUX!

    After a day of use there are some minor glitches: -- The SysListView32 (CListCtrl) controls flash pretty badly when updating. Stuff on the General and Speed tabs flash noticably too, but not as bad. -- No icons on the tabcontrol, possibly due to errors using ImageList_LoadImageW failing. -- No icon on sorted column in ListViews, same reason I believe. Column highlight also does not work since LVM_SETSELECTEDCOLUMN is not supported by wine at this time. -- Alternating lines of the ListViews do no have alternating color. (I don't know, is this tied to window theming?) -- Minimizing minimizes but does not make the main window disappear. When restored only the non-client areas of the window repaint. Right clicking the tooltray and selection Hide/Show uTorrent makes it start painting again. For some reason, Hide from the tooltray icon works fine. -- "Open containing folder" does not do anything. -- Boss hotkey doesn't work. Wine does not support RegisterGlobalHotkey at this time. -- SetThreadExecutionState(1) doesn't prevent the machine from entering standby under Linux. I'd love to see uTorrent work just as well under wine as it does under windows. Any assistance I can provide to resolve these issues, I will.
  9. utorrent works on LINUX!

    My change was also put in CVS this morning, so no changes necessary any more!
  10. utorrent works on LINUX!

    The symptom was that utorrent would run, but use 100% cpu and not ever start downloading a file (because it couldn't connect to the tracker). The problem occured when utorrent changed to using the array of 64 wait events and started using WSAEventSelect(...) in 1.1.4. The bug in wine was that when you called WaitForMultipleObjectsEx(...) with 64 handles (the maximum that should be allowed), their kernel32.dll was kicking back an error (invalid parameter). This cause utorrent to loop "balls to the wall" around that Wait call. It turns out wine would only allow 63 handles to be waited on at a time, instead of the expected 64. This was due to a simple obiwan in dlls/kernel/sync.c: if (count >= MAXIMUM_WAIT_OBJECTS) // should be if (count > MAXIMUM_WAIT_OBJECTS) All the rest of the code in that function and ntdll support up to 64 wait objects so this turned out to be the only change. The patch is on wine-devel, and should be in cvs within a few days. However, if you already have cvs, you can just change the line yourself (line 176 I think). EDIT: And for the record, I was downloading at 9mbit and uploading at 1mbit without a problem and ~10% cpu use on a P4 2.4GHz. Running about 3% right now at 500kbit/1mbit.
  11. utorrent works on LINUX!

    A debian package of what? wine already comes in a deb from deb binary/ And utorrent is its own package (only one file needed, no extra config necessary). I've just submitted a patch to the wine list which fixes the problem of torrents not starting after uTorrent version 1.1.3. The next version of wine should support the latest uTorrent! I'd also be happy to answer any questions about what wasn't working.