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  1. How about implementing more accurate speed reading. e.g. instead of it being 1.1mB/s why not add another digit to it so it can show 1.15mB/s. just like it is before the speeds reach 1mB
  2. "- Fix: download/uploader limiter issues in build 17539" should read "- not fixed: uploader limiter issues in build 17539"
  3. As said in this post #280 when will the upload speed problem be sorted? i find ut 2 alot better than 1.8.4 cuz i can connect to peers etc alot quicker. Thanks
  4. has the upload speed cap problem been sorted ?
  5. i have the same problem as "Whassup" no matter what the UL limit is set to it goes beyond that.
  6. hi, is there a compatability issue with this version of utorrent? i can run the setup go through it and when i click install nothing happens. the setup wizard disappears. edit: nvm it seams to be working now
  7. there seams to be a problem with the speeds utorrent is showing the speed limiter doesnt work either, i set it to 500k and it's downloading at 1.1mB/s same with upload i set to 15k and its ul at 35
  8. thanks for ur effort, and thanks for this gr8 client keep it up