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  1. Thank you for a long and very fair reply. Sure I am a little bit confused about your actual role. With so many posts and guides I thought you were part of the dev team, the most open and reasonable one, and thats why i choose to quote you. I see my mistake, and apologize for the confusion. True, but they do that after YEARS OF GOOD PERFORMANCE by some stable version. MS did not discontinue XP until W7 proved to be good and stable. With ùTorrent we now have 4 versions of V3 which look more like Vista! (which in itself is an unmainatinable situation). I am not blaming them to stop SUPPORTING 2.2.1 but to have deliberatly tried to ban it before anything solid was in view yes, too slowly. And they never kil these 3.0, 3.1 etc so they face an endless nightmare with "backporting " corrections as they say (but seldom do..) Anyhow, again, my comments are only meant to try to focus on an improvement path rather than elaborating new feature, add-ons, ùTorrent Plus etc.. What's the target ? Realibility, Maintainability or a few Nickels and Dimes ??
  2. the dozen hundreds of people complaining about V3s are "unsubstantial" to you ? Is this why you forbade to Download Version 2 from your site ?? Try to be fair if you want to be believed..
  3. I'm using 2.2.1 Build 25130. I made several attempts to use V3: 3.1,3.2, 3.3. Always the same disapointment. And the attitude of developpers ! Close to being insuting when you comment negatively ! In fact all this smells (stinks??) the inclination of the team to make money out of this decade old project. Ought to have been open source since Day one. Keep fighting for good old V2 !