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  1. here is the crash dump.
  2. Build 13582 crashed
  3. beta 1.9 (13520) it freezes µTorrent 1.9 alpha 13485 "socket.log" and "utp.log"
  4. There have been reports of utorrent 1.7 sending private info outside the tracker The client version 1.7 will not be allowed at because of this problem we understand the need for a utorrent version to be available to you please feel free to download utorrent 1.6.1 here we are sorry for the troubles our utorrent members have faced due to these bugs
  5. krazyson

    WebUI v0.315

    webUI not work on 1.7 beta 2151
  6. it is set at 1000. i did not change anything there. i am also using vista home premium.
  7. thank you very much. i never had any problems with cpu using utorrent until i installed the new beta version.
  8. explain to me why is it then using 26 % of my cpu.
  9. look how much memory it using
  10. krazyson


    why is it that i do not get all of the flags.
  11. memory leaks in 1.7
  12. I would like to test the uTorrent Web Interface.
  13. krazyson


    thank you for the flags ;-)