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  1. No, I also can't limit dl speed any longer with the latest beta. It doesn't work globally or individually. Even the scheduler's dl limit doesn't work.
  2. In 1.6.1 you could select files by dragging the mouse about. That doesn't work in this beta. Also, my right click menu doesn't work in the add torrent dialog when I try and right click in the file area. Also, you can no longer ctrl+click and select several different files and then just right click and select. It's very tedious to download large multifile torrents now. Edit: If you scroll horizontally in the file area of the add torrent dialog, the display gets messed up. The numbers for size don't stay in their column, but just slide about. The dialog's pretty messed up. =/
  3. interesting. i do the same thing, but i don't find nearly as much unknown peers as you do. must be location. i made my dummy flag 16x16, though, because i didn't see any reason not to.|UK|FR|NO|UK
  6. i'd like to beta test as well. i have only windows xp with firefox, ie, and opera, but i've got heart to make up for it.
  7.|PR AlphaOmega: nice tabs
  9.|AT|CA|CA|UK|SE could someone doublecheck the the record says the ip location is in canada, but the registrant is in the USA. which do i take? edit: added some more.
  10. i've posted in your thread, so let's hope it get's fixed.
  11. i have the 00 flag set to show a question mark. one showed up on a torrent, and the resolved ip was simply "". i mapped to US, but when i refreshed µTorrent, the flag still didn't change. i also saw this with another peer, whose ip was "", which i tried to map to CA, but no results either. Is µTorrent unable to map ips that only have a web address? can anyone else repeat this?
  13. just a comment. all these people who love open source and stuff? how many of you can actually look at source code and figure out whether something is good or bad? and if you can't, have you found some respected authority that you trust that can tell figure it out for you? if µTorrent went open source it wouldn't matter to me at all because i'd have no clue what to do with it. i'd have to get someone else to interpret it for me, and i trust ludde to do that. i gather he's somewhat familiar with the code.
  14.|CZ edit: why is the .conf file case sensitive?