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  1. all I can tell you is uploading is slower in 1.8.2 than 1.8.1, I prefer this as my internet connection runs better but the change in behaviour is defenitly there.
  2. ok Some feedback. I dont know what this utp stuff is but I have a rough idea following my experience. currently on 1.8.2 I have a torrent going, max upload speed is set to 45kB/sec. Previously on uttorent I would have a solid 45kB/sec upload and my download would not be maxed out as I had explained in previous threads that upload speed affects my download performance. (110kB/sec is my max line upload speed). On this version I am downloading full speed flatlined on a poorly seeded torrent and my uploading is hovering between 25kB/sec and 45kB/sec, so my guess is UTp somewhat moderates upload packets to ensure download performance and I am guessing when I have 100% the upload will go to a solid 45kB/sec (at this rate will know in 2 hours time).
  3. yeah ill add to imon exceptions, nod32 v2 is good but I hate v3. I am not a fan of the new hash check algorithms in 1.8 utorrent but will at least try it out, thanks for the release.
  4. I got no peers constantly sending me bad data, what happened was I had 2 seeds on a small torrent. One seed was sending to me at about 0.5kB/sec with no hashfails, the other was sending to me at 200kB/sec with about 25% of hashes failing, so even tho 1 in 4 failed it was still far quicker to allow that seed to have to occasionally send me data twice than wait for the other seed. Obviously if a seeder/peer is sending all bad data then they should be banned. The problem was the 25% failure rate did trigger the autoban and I was left with only the very slow seeder. Once I adjusted the ratio setting it was good.
  5. I cant use 1.8 tho due to the more agressive hashcheck algorithm that cannot be disabled. I dont believe I have connection issues, if I search on google there is people galore who like me find 80% is way too high to set the upload, I can set 80% and it will not affect my torrent download speed that is true. But it does affect my pings, my web browsing, other internet activities so I decrease it. Du meter shows my current upload speed as 65-75kB/sec with 30kB/sec been on utorrent, the rest is all ack packets been sent to allow the downloading (I am currently also downloading some files of a ftp). So I have about 30kB/sec spare so the theory is I could increase my cap to 60kB/sec which is just over 50%. But my latency would go through the roof then as it will be saturated.
  6. switeck I can upload at 115kB if I choose to, over ftp p2p or whatever. Just if I use 80-90% which is what this guide reccomends I have too big an impact on my connection, funny enough when I searched over the internet others have the same and have to cap speed lower than 80%
  7. my experience is upload should be approx 25-50% max speed, any higher than the connection is noticebly slower and laggier, 75% upwards makes browsing incredibly slow. On a 1024kbit upload I set my upload speed to 30kB/sec. I have more upload slots set than whats reccomended since the bittorent protocol seems to punish for using less upload slots and people either dont send or send very slowly to you if you not sending back.