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  1. Didn't get any "not responding" issues, but it certainly wasn't smooth. Definitely the setting affecting the sluggishness. Best practice to leave it switched on. I had a brainwave about the "not responding": When I originally checked the transp_disposition it was set to *21 but the bandwidth manager was also on. I set it to default then toggled the bandwidth manager to see how it affected the value. I tried to replicate the situation of having the manager on, yet the transp_disposition set to *21 but am unable. Sooo this must have occurred at some point in the past and got carried over? And somehow created a conflict of interest?
  2. Re-test and let us know if the CPU load issue is still there and with what setting. Just downloaded a couple of files with 30495. The Pref.Advanced->bt.transp_disposition = 31 I didn't need to reset it using the Enable Bandwidth Management Trick - it may be that it carried over from the previous settings. No more problems. Back to smooth running. Thank you. On another note: I set up some labels in the new label settings. I also set up some Label-directory mapping. The labels work fine' date=' but directory mapping I am still unable to edit or delete. If I select a map and the press [-'] nothing happens. Equally if I change the drive and press [+] it doesn't alter the entry. I do need to delete them because my PC died and I copied over all my settings to my new laptop to keep the RSS Downloader (there are a lot and didn't fancy retyping them all in again - saving them to cloud might be in order?) but of course I no longer have the drives the directory mapping is pointing to. Consequently I've had to disable the Label feature - torrents fail if the target directory doesn't exist. :/
  3. This is for 30460: I disabled and re-enabled the setting which did what you said and I no longer have the "not responding" issue. Now going to have a go at the new update (I'll bear this result in mind)
  4. Hi guys, Have to say this latest release keeps crashing. I started a download which seemed ok. I tried to add another but was told utorrent was not responding. restarted it and it lost the original download, but the 2nd seemed to start up. then it locked again when I deleted the lost first download (my intention to restart it from scratch). On the labels I am now able to delete them on the top editor. I am unable to remove any directory associations on the bottom editor though (can't replace an existing one either). I reverted back to 3.3 stable and the labels are still there - which is cool
  5. Rakuten06: You have malware on your computer in the form of "retadpu72" - google it and see for yourself.
  6. uTorrent told me there was an update - would I like to.. I thought I'd check out the change log before getting the upgrade, but couldn't see anything new. (I'm sure the dealing with >4GB was already there) Anyway my point is that the build I have is 3353 - which isn't mentioned in the changelog (unless I've caught you in the act of updating the details, in which case just ignore me!), so I'm a bit confused.
  7. or use the scheduler to limit the upload bandwidth (approx 75% of max) during the times that others would possibly want to surf. Trial and error will find the optimum limited upload rate where you can still upload without apparently impacting web surfing. If you are downloading alot, you might want to do the same to the download bandwidth. (Of course, when you are both in bed asleep, Maximum bandwidth applies!) Hope this helps.