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  1. I reported the updating problem on the page 10, but looks like you missed it. It happens with all of my torrents, they are from private trackers (3 trackers and
  2. I'm not sure if this is a bug with utorrent (build 12132) but all my torrents are doing this. When torrent updates tracker status automatically it stays on "updating". If i do manual update before tracker status updates automatically, it updates but after one of the torrents updates automatically it stays on "updating".
  3. I wonder why uTorrent said "There is no new versio available at this time" when i tried to update and there was indeed new version. This has happened in the past. I'm not using any proxy settings and my firewall doesn't block utorrent. This has happened with the builds 12024 and 12083. I had to manually download the installer and install the latest build.