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  1. alamarco

    µTorrent MiniUI

    Awesome, the new update looks even better on the iPhone. I think I now use MiniUI even more than the WebUI now . Thanks again for all the effort Ultima
  2. alamarco

    µTorrent MiniUI

    Ultima, you're the man . With the new config, setting the width to 320px, loading the page and a quick double-tap fills the screen perfectly. Looks great in the iPhone .
  3. alamarco

    µTorrent MiniUI

    Sorry for late reply, been busy. Not sure about programming via the WebUI API, but for most websites made they do include special cases. When using AJAX for example, you have to be able to detect the browser. If I remember correctly it's 1-3 lines to detect the browser and apply the correct function that the browser uses. Unfortunately for iPhone there is no Mobile View that Opera seems to have.
  4. alamarco

    µTorrent MiniUI

    Yup, the size is still tiny when in horizontal mode. It gets a little bit bigger, but it seems more like the size is being taken relative to the width. You can zoom in, but everything gets large leading you to be scrolling constantly. The size of the authors screenshots seems like it should fit perfectly into the iPhone's display. Also not sure what you meant by "stretch" things. If you view normal sites at first they fit into the screen so everything becomes condensed.
  5. alamarco

    µTorrent MiniUI

    This is the default look on an iPhone. The width is too large making everything appear really small in comparison with the your screenshots. The MiniUI is still workable, but the amount of zooming and scrolling is a real nuisance. Great application, thanks for the work. Once fixed I'll probably be using this non-stop .
  6. Thanks for the new version! Looks really good .
  7. Nice application. Minimized it uses ~10 MB of RAM which is pretty decent. One suggestion I'd have is have some information displayed in the tooltip of the tray icon. Right now all that is displayed is the name of the application. Some suggestions: - # of torrents being downloaded - # of torrents being seeded - download/upload speed Would make it easier to tell what's going on without opening the application fully. Thanks again for the great application. Edit: Another suggestion. Manual refresh of the application. This way when you add a torrent via another method (ie Firefox extension) you can manage it right away instead of having to wait for the automatic refresh.