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  1. @pinkduck it does.. just right click over the torrent you want to delete and select "remove and">"delete data" all that.. peace out
  2. Thx mate for the replay all the best
  3. this amazing program was reviewed by Filesharefreaks... just have a look
  4. OO thats a shame, ----matias---- Good to see you dude, i like that you gave feedback, and because of that you might be interested in developing and improving the software. great work btw. Ive being using for a quite long time now in my regular basis and its a great software as pointed ou before, but as any software there are some flaws that ive found. PS: dont get me wrong its a good software, im not pushing you mate, im just giving you a feedback which i believe is the best thing even though you might not continue supporting it. --- I have no idea if it interferes but in my case i use it because i have a seedbox so the server is away ----- 1 bug - i found is that when you try to add more than 1 torrent at the same time the program lose the connection and doesnt come back. 2 bug - some times you add/delete the file and the change IS done on the server, but doesnt show at the program ( i found it happening with the webui so i think is a API bug, but a workaround would be after every (addition/ deletion) trigger a "clean refresh" 3 bug - the program loses the connection extremely easy 4 bug - the completion column shows ALWAYS the same day when i restart the program. (or example if ive being successful connected to the utorrent for X time an 2 download finished within this time, it stamps as being done that time. but the day after, when i restart the program/PC, it erases the stamp and shows as it done that time) For now those are the bugs that ive found... I was thinking in some things to make the usage more enjoyable 1 - as pointed out before the "X" for minimize not close the program for good 2 - auto reconnection 3 - and option to turns off the annoying pop up that says the connection was lost 4 - The annoying pop up i know some people might like it but could be FAR smaller since theres just 1 line!! 5 - Id like to see the general LOG. 6 - I dont know if its possible but id like to see the transfer rating peer by peer, seed by seed in details 7 - An visual Icon on the status bar showing whenever its connected and not 8 - Clicking in this icon it performs the opposite (ie. if it shows connected, clicking at the icon it disconnect, and vice versa) 9 - a shortcut to F5 to "clean refresh" 10 - Icon for connect and disconnect 11 - Icon to start the default browser (firefox) to the webui. with the login done (user@pass:IP:door/gui) (im not sure the URL but i think is this one 12 - Id like to have the Config menu just as the webui 13 - I know its not possible because the API for it is not finished but RSS 14 - I dont know if you will be developing it but an - auto update out be great 15 - You might not be interested but you can get some change by adding a paypal link for donations 16 - Icon for "download" which starts the browser in FTP mode ( and be able to edit it adding, user, pass, url) 17 - status bar show how many torrents is active, download, seeding, completed, the sum of all 18 - Auto reconnect (must have it), like gtalk would be fine. (if it disconnects the program tries in some PRE setted intervals which are following, 1sec, 5secs,15 secs,1min,5mins, 10min (and keep in 10mins until it reconnects) every time it fails, the reconnection time goes one step further like, the example --- time 0 connection fail, 1 attempt in 1 sec (fails), 2 attempt in 5 secs (fail), 3 attempt.....and so on until it keeps trying every 10mints fyi- when i refers to "clean refresh" i mean the right hand button does it, it clean window and bring everything again ( you might know better than me what im talking about hehe) ps2: jjimm asked for "stop all, start all" short cuts, and flexibility to Add and remove buttons im agree with it I can offer to translate the whole program to Portuguese if you still needed, just let me know if interested anyway great job keep up the great work Beto
  5. Amazing program mate... congrats There is just 2 things missing for me that id like to add my 2 cents for this great software 1 - Add a column of the day the torrent were added which i can sort by last added torrents really helpful!! 2- Change the behave of the software when the "X" is hit, instead of closing the program for good, minimize to the system tray (just like Windows Live does) and to close, just right click and you know the rest. thats my 2 cents mate i hope it makes the software more handy for all great job!!! have a great ne year dude