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  1. Some what new to torrenting. Atleast to troubleshooting what the heck is going on with 3.3 and earlier versions. I am recieving download and upload speeds mirrored to each other. They go up and down same speed and same time. This a preference setting issue or am i just out of luck on trying to download like everyone else. No issues about 4 days ago, thought my isp was blocking from downloading, when i talked to them no changes were ever made to there service from now to 4 days ago. I am currently in Afghanistan and just trying to catch up on some shows. been working fine since Dec 12 when i first started. Another thing is under peers myself is on there. This mean that i am seeding the little stuff i am able to get. My connect is usually around 32kB/s now its 0.5kB/s always under 1.0kB/s. I am seeing connections to peers and seeds but not any good download speeds. I am limited to download and upload speeds due to ISP. if you can help that would be great. Maybe a preference setting or advance setting that you guys that are more experts may have. Thanks.