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  1. I'd rather take them away completely but it seems the devs want them there, so I'm just saying that they still don't work lol
  2. A few other bugs I spotted: The narrow toolbar option doesn't do anything The search box disappears if you hide the toolbar and then unhide it (at least that's what happened to me)
  3. "- Change: Twitter and Facebook icons remain after clicking" They still disappear, I'm on windows 7 64 bit.
  4. Is the slow shutdown of uTorrent being looked on? Currently when you shut down utorrent it takes at least 10-15 seconds for the actual process to go away... It opens up real quick (and I like that) but the process takes forever to shut down when you close uTorrent.
  5. I have the latest stable version installed (3.3) and I have checked update to beta versions on the preferences panel... When I click on check for updates it won't update to 3.3.1... It says I have the latest version... is this feature working? Or do I have to download the beta myself?
  6. please fix this white gap of seeding status bar Wow, I thought I was the only one that noticed it... hahaha. Yes please do fix the white gap, it annoys me