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  1. seems i've been having the same problem: crashing whenever torrents are aaaalmost done... tested it on both my machines: WinXP Pro and Win7 Pro (both 32bit)
  2. done & done ! i didn't really need it anyway i just didn't think that would lead to crashing µtorrent ...
  3. nope, just NVIDIA nTune Performance Application, and Nvidia Graphic Drivers
  4. if it's really Nvidia Firewall, then no, cuz i don't use a firewall ... at all
  5. hmm, hadn't read anything about that yet so ... i presume ur suggesting to uninstall nTune?
  6. here's my crashdump and how i know it's the "Vista Bug"? err, well, i was reading the forums here, tried to recreate some crashes, tried some solutions that were posted, and because i use Vista? no, i dunno really, just trying to help, cuz i love µTorrent! i'm always willing to (beta)test some more ...
  7. well, i'm up, and µtorrent is still running BUT, i must say, upgrading is the first thing i did when these crashes were occuring so i already was running build 12495, and the crashes still happened ...
  8. i've been having the "Vista bug" too but by disabling UPnP, µtorrent keeps on running (so far) i hope µtorrent is still running in the morning ...