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  1. Using 2.2.1 Build 25302 (which I actually can't tell is any different from 25273, patch notes don't exist), edit: now using 25273. Prefer it because of it's cleaner interface, the ability to choose the directory the files in the torrent will be saved to, not just the folder a folder with that torrent's name will be saved to from the add torrent window. I think I had an issue with v3 choosing which files I did and did not want specifically from a torrent as well, but something in my memory says that was fixed later. I've had less drive reading and connectivity issues (actually none), it's a smaller file (probably not a big deal these days) that uses less memory (a big deal) than the modern versions, and it has no ads. I know ads can be disabled, or could, with some tweaks. But even if I went to that effort, that garbage is still sitting on my pc, possibly loaded in memory. 2.2.1 is very minimal, if I remember what µTorrent used to be marketed as (might still be?), it was offered as a tiny bittorrent client that had almost nothing but the bare minimum. Well 2.2.1 has that, it allows you to download and seed multiple torrents that are remembered by the client easily and efficiently. It allows you to schedual when you want this to happen (actually important for some people due to on-peak/off-peak). It allows you to categorise your saved torrents (probably not crucial but very helpful for people with lots of saved torrents) and set up automatic RSS downloading (some people depend on this). I can think of nothing more that a torrent client NEEDS to offer. I use µTorrent because of how lightweight and minimal it is, if I wanted a program more than double the size that used a lot more memory but offered a whole range of features, I'd find another client. µTorrent to me, will always be aimed at that niche, for the users that don't need or want all those extra features. I can think of nothing that the v3 series improves on for the necessary components listed above, and a lot of things it worsens. If 3.0 offered something important, like 2.0 did with udp tracker support, I MIGHT consider upgrading to it. But as far as I know the technology for sharing torrents has not changed significantly in a long time, as such, there is no need to change anything at my end either. So I'll be sticking with 2.2.1, my tiny bittorrent client.