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  1. Thank you for the 29544 version update as it seems to be functioning without problemation. Still only time will tell if it remains stable... *keeping fingers crossed*
  2. Agreed, well said. Again the same 'checked 0.0' error as we all have been experiencing in the past weeks. Because I always held Utorrent in such high regard for its flawless functionality at the moment I am getting quite disillusioned however. Why does this problem seem to be so pervasive regardless of updates? Please fix or revert to the previous stable version.
  3. I uncheck everything (when the option to do so is available) and nothing extra is installed here (and never has been since I started using uTorrent). So you: 1) Unchecked the free download 2) Unchecked Install the Toolbar (plus the lower 3 boxes) 3) Decline the Free Video Player Exactly at the final page of the installprogram do not be suckered into clicking accept because this will install an array of unwanted programs. Eventhough you are lured into thinking you will cancel the entire installation process, do choose decline!
  4. Thanks Adam for fixing the mess that had me in a slight state of despair for the past two days. Good to see my downloads are back on track.