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  1. Hello bro...if you see the torrent being downloaded, you can see that there is almost 603 seeds and 561 peers, the only is that the client only connects to 3 or 4 seeds and peers, in the above case, 2 seeds and then downloads the torrent in the maximum speed with which the uploaders/seeds seed. Earlier I used to be able to connect to 50-100 seeds and also peers with no issues. What could be causing this issue?
  2. Sorry about that, should've done that earlier. Here you go... Apparently this is around 5-10 minutes after a download begins and connects to just 4-5 seeds, that's it. Earlier it used to connect to around 100+ seeds and get all of their speeds. Not sure what setting I should change? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey all, So I recently messed up my uTorrent settings and ever since then, my utorrent download speeds are mostly low and sometimes fluctuates between high and's not stable like it used to be. Another thing I noticed is that the number of seeds my utorrent connects to are way less, like 20-30 for a torrent that has around 500+ seeds currently, And even if it connects to the said 20, I am not able to get the download speeds(or the upload they does) and basically only a few seeds are connected and downloaded from because of this. Can someone tell me what might be the cause of the issue and what I must do to get back my old speeds? Thanks in advance Amal
  4. I would like to think it's cos they're smart enough not to be rolling this out to everyone yet.. I'll certainly be skipping it. 3.3.1 should hopefully fare better. Hopefully? Surely... What do you mean by silent auto updates which is enabled or merged on v3.3.1 beta? So that means no more updating utorrent manually, even for beta versions? I hope that will be implemented on the next stable version?